Different Religious Groups Make Up Fabric Of Payson



Max Foster's article, "Police Chief asks mayoral candidate to watch his words" (March 28, 2006), is a reminder of the rich heritage religious groups make up for the fabric of the Town of Payson and its surrounding areas. Our country was founded on a notion of religious freedom. Although many cringe at commingling faith and politics, we can embrace how faith provides a person with a sure foundation to serve his or her neighbor through whatever means. Faith in a higher being, no matter what one's vocabulary, points to the existence of something much larger than us.

For the public servant, faith offers a perspective to honor the sacredness of humanity. We can thank a creator who enables us with the skills and talents to assist our fellow friend. We are stewards of not only the resources of our environment and community, but also responsible toward a truth that lies within "the content of a person's character rather than the color of his or her skin," and to add, within his or her faith tradition. It's not about a mosque, a word, a temple, or even a cross that clouds our differences. Rather, we ought to be about sustaining value in respecting the holiness of another and the choice of what makes right.

Rev. David Rennick, Pastor, Payson United Methodist Church

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