Edwards Fanning The Flames Of Controversy



Until mayoral candidate Bob Edwards came to town, we never knew how unhappy and mistreated we were.

First, he fanned a water disagreement between Payson and Star Valley into a full-scale political war with a blizzard of propaganda and distortions to advance his own political ambitions. Despite clear court decisions to the contrary, and immense potential legal liabilities for the Town, he's still fanning those flames.

Now, as Police Chief Gordy Gartner's letter suggests, Mr. Edwards seems to be working more covertly to start a religious war. Thanks a lot.

Mr. Edwards' campaign seems to be built around creating dissension and conflict with little regard for the facts. Looking at the damage he's doing as a candidate, can Payson afford to let him become mayor?

Toni Crowley, Payson

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