Elected Officials Out Of Touch With Taxpayers



Obviously, Bob Edwards, Ed Blair, Diana Sexton and Rick Croy are exposing facts and making some developers and cohorts uncomfortable.

Read Senator Tom Coburn's (R - Okla.) "How Outsiders Become Insiders in Washington." The same things happen in a town like Payson.

Elected (and hired) personnel are out of touch with the taxpayers, and engage in "closed" meetings or "Executive Session."

Cities publish a "spread sheet" accounting for every penny spent. This will explain the exponential growth in personnel and in numbers of vehicles over the years 1995, 2000 and 2005. Will the newspaper publish such vital information? Without it, we have virtual "taxation without representation." $31,000,000 now.

The Big Idea (BI) people came here and developed two tremendous "lawns" east of town in the ‘90s. The promise was to use "effluent" water. It was all done quietly. Then, they connected to Payson's water supply. Their wells are SE of Star Valley, and the "lawns" require millions of gallons of water per week, right?

Some people elected for mayor and council no doubt meant well to protect the interests of the citizen/taxpayers. They become "insiders" because of schmoozing with the staff heads and Big Idea (BI) people who have no interest in the water supply.

Years ago this headline ran in the Roundup, "Water department head says, ‘Town has water for 50 years plus.'" Hydrologists Cross and Kuhnel say otherwise.

Since that, there have been a number of subsidized projects to bring in business (socialism) but the last I heard, we are a "self enterprise" society. Here, people by good planning, hard work, and good business practices make out very well without "we the people" subsidizing them through taxpayers dollars. Right?

Except for businesses and real estate, how does it benefit "we the people" to pay for Payson Economic Development Corp., Chamber of Commerce, and ads from coast-to-coast.

Notice, we talked about Payson and never called it a city -- it is a town, with many trusting and thankful people who find it hard to complain about anything. "We" are not happy to pay for BI people, thank you.

Paul Consoer, Payson

Editor's note: This letter was cut to fit within the 400-word limit for Letters to the Editor.

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