Kindness Runs In The Family



On Sunday morning, March 12, during our "big snow" in Payson, I received some much needed help while trying to dig my truck out of my driveway. I cleared snow from the driver's side of the truck, but when I got in to warm it up it wouldn't start as the dome light had been left on and the battery was dead.

I flagged down some people riding down my street on Quads and asked the man if he had some way to jump start my truck as I needed to meet my family from California in Globe at 6 p.m.

Jessie said he would come back and help me, so I continued to clear the driveway until he returned. This helpful young man not only got my truck started, but drove his 4x4 up and down my driveway to flatten the snow so I could back out. Jessie refused any payment, and after finding out who he was, I realized his willingness to help others runs in his family.

His parents own Smith's Welding in Oxbow Estates and they have hosted a tamale sale for Christmas toys for underprivileged kids for years. Jessie and his wife, Debbie Smith, own Mountain Air Auto Service here in Payson.

Jessie, thank you so much for your kindness.

Jeanne Henderson, Payson

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