Maybe There's A Reason People Dump In The Forest



I'm writing in regard to your article on March 31 about trash being dumped in the forest areas. Perhaps there are some reasons people dump in the forest.

How many places do you see around town where trash can be dumped legally? I see none.

I see people with campers emptying their trash in a parking lot instead of trying to find a trash container. I see dumpsters with locks on them so no one will fill them with trash.

I find that the local trash pickup services will not pickup large items such as mattresses, refrigerators, hot water heaters, etc.

I dumped my old mattress legally, but it cost me $20 to hire someone with a truck to take it to the dump. This problem has been written about previously. My question is why do we not have funds from the N.G.C.S.D. going to fund trash pickup?

We are double taxed by the N.G.C.S.D. -- once through property taxes and again through a quarterly "service charges." It's about time the N.G.C.S.D. have it's role expanded to meet citizen needs.

I'd like to let this message be an open letter to those who are seeking Town Council and Mayoral seats.

Perhaps it's a good time to act on trash.

Frederick Franz, Payson

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