Neighbors Against Increased Density Rezoning



We live in Payson Pines, which has 300 feet of land adjacent to the proposed Horton development known as Mogollon Ridge. At a recent meeting in Payson Pines, 60 residents indicated they were opposed to the zoning change (from one home per acre to six homes per acre) being requested by the developer. We are opposed because with increased density comes increased traffic, and an increased need for roads, infrastructure and water.

I would like to remind the voters of Payson that there are seven members on the Planning and Zoning Committee, but only three voted on this issue. The vote was two for the change and one against, and the change was recommended for council approval.

Barbara Underwood was one of the two who voted for the change, and she is a candidate for the council, a council which at present does not listen to the townfolk.

Originally, this subdivision included an additional four-plus acres (directly west of Home Depot) with a total of some 63 residences. This plot of 63 was reduced to the current plan of 35 houses on 8.5 acres, in an attempt to get a foot in the door. We have no doubt the additional 30-plus residences, which will double the density, will again be requested.

Enough is enough. This must not happen.

Glen Groenke, Payson

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