Still Feel Connected To Sheryl Mckeen



My name is Jonas Clark. I just wanted to write in and tell anyone who reads this that Sheryl McKeen was a true figure of my heart and mind and I will miss her. When we were kids, I would say about 10 years old, she took me for a ride on her horse and I fell off the back into a ditch scraping up my knees something fierce.

My mom picked out the granite chunks and to this day I have huge scars and a story to tell. Years ago, I moved away from Payson and Sheryl and I talked a little bit since she moved to Auburn, a suburb of Sacramento where I now live.

I just want to say that two years ago, March 17, I spent three weeks in the ICU after a horrible motorcycle accident I was in.

I lived to tell the story, but feel ever united with Sheryl. It's weird how things happen in life. Sometimes it seems unfair, but I know that we can all learn from the hardships and use the bitter to make the sweet ever so sweeter. To Sheryl's family, I'm sorry for your loss.

Jonas Clark, Sacramento, Calif.

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