Trash Dumped In Forest Part Of Endless Cycle



I have been in Tonto Basin since 1987. The Forest Service ran the dump at that time. Later, the county took over at a cost. The cost periodically rose. Recently it went private, again due to cost. Every time these changes occur, I notice a marked increase in trash dumped in the surrounding forest land.

It seems that no government agency will take responsibility. Not the Forest Service, not the state, not the county. The reason we pay taxes and fees, which continually increase, is for health and safety for citizens, which includes trash collection

The 40 tons of trash (collected in the forest recently) comes back on the agencies we pay to provide services that they claim are too expensive to provide. It then costs many dollars to clean up. The government then blames the population.

In the end, it costs more for clean up (both in dollars and in damage to the environment) than to provide a site for dumping. Where does it end and who do you blame?

Steve Harbour, Tonto Basin

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