Crafts Relieve Financial Stress For Battered Women


Editor's note: This article is written as a clarification to the article, "Domestic violence victims get back on their feet one creation at a time," which ran on Tuesday, March 28.

Rita Jorgensen started the crafters club, Women Helping Women, to assist women who are rebuilding their lives after domestic violence, addictions or life altering experiences -- not specifically women who are part of the Time Out Shelter, as previously reported.

For approximately the last six months they have been making and selling primitive and saltbox folk art crafts and selling them.

"We want to help relieve financial stress by providing a secondary income for women where they can use their creative skills," Jorgensen said. "More importantly, I think it helps eliminate some smaller bills that they may have and help the women feel like they are taking care of themselves."

Jorgensen provides the craft materials, and 90 percent of the proceeds from sales of the products go directly to the crafter. The other 10 percent is given to a local charity.

The garden art will be available for purchase at local craft shows.

Businesses that wish to donate shelf space or individuals who wish to donate craft materials may contact Jorgensen at (928) 468-1416.

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