Emotions Run High As Principal Dismissed


A room full of staunch supporters wasn't enough to convince the Payson school board to renew Julia Randall Elementary School principal Peggy Miles' contract for the 2006-2007 school year.


Julia Randall Elementary School principal Peggy Miles was terminated at Monday's school board meeting.

In an emotion-packed school board meeting April 10, attendees listened as Superintendent Sue Myers read a list of reasons why Miles would no longer be kept in a leadership role at Julia Randall.

According to Myers' report, Miles does not have an adequate knowledge of elementary school curriculum, has failed to unite her staff, and was the weakest member of the district's administrative team. Myers said Miles had two years to prove herself and had not done so.

Miles defended herself, saying she had stepped up to the challenges she was facing as the school's principal.

Although most in the packed-room audience expressed a desire to address the board, 10 were allowed to speak in Miles' behalf. Among them was Julia Randall teacher Trevor Creighton, who defended Miles as a competent and caring principal who had brought stability to the school.

Public comment ended and the board voted unanimously not to renew Miles' contract. As the group of supporters slowly disbursed, many tearfully embraced Miles.

An obviously shaken Miles tried to stay upbeat, inviting friends to join her and her daughter at Dairy Queen for ice cream.

"It's time to move on," she said.

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