If Only We Had The Common Sense Of An Eighth-Grader



This letter is written to thank Nick Randall for brightening my day. His wonderful Letter to the Editor about the fact it is not the Town's responsibility to entertain the children lifted my spirits. I'm sure it was an accident, but the fact that his letter followed Mr. Brown's letter about gun control (which dampened my spirits considerably) was refreshing.

Oh, if only Stan Brown could have kept his eighth grade common sense he would see that it is not the gun to fear. In fact, if firearms are removed from common ownership, then it is as is so often said, "Only criminals will have (guns), making their lifestyle even safer yet."

In today's world of sick reasoning, our society blames us for its decision to take up the criminal style of life. We spend much more on defending their rights than we do on the rights of the good citizens who actually pay for the cost.

I only wish Nick Randall was old enough to run for town council. He would get my vote.

To you voters in Payson, look for the candidates that have the logic of the Nick Randalls, support them and vote for them in your next election. From what I have read it appears that you have a real opportunity this time to make the changes so many have been working for. If I were in Payson (my heart is still there), I would vote for Bob Edwards, Rick Croy, Diana Sexton and Ed Blair.

Dayton H. (Hoby) Herron, Bend, Ore. (formerly of Payson)

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