Letter Clarification


In a recent Letter to the Editor, author Fredrick Franz mentioned the financial obstacles that might force someone to dump their garbage in the forest.

Following is a clarification to that letter:

The Northern Gila County Sanitary District handles the waste that comes from homes sinks, toilets, and drains. It is funded in two ways, by property taxes and monthly fees. All revenue collected through property taxes, (which has remained at the same tax rate for 18 years), maintains the collection system and funds infrastructure upgrades. The monthly or quarterly rate from users funds the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the treatment plant.

There are three privately owned and operated garbage removal contractors that service the Town of Payson and surrounding areas. They all deliver the collected trash to the landfill, which is operated by Gila County. Waste Management operates a transfer station located on the vista just past the airport that one can dump items larger than the trash can will hold for a $15 minimum fee. As for the disposal of mattresses, many local businesses will haul your old mattress away when you buy a new one from them.

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