Mortgage Company Lives Up To Its Name


To explain what Lenders for Life Home Mortgage Corporation is, owner and certified mortgage planner Tara Keeney first tells people what it is not.

"We don't see ourselves as a traditional mortgage company," she said. "We don't feel that we are in the business of selling mortgage loans as a commodity.


Tara Keeney, owner and certified mortgage planner for Lenders for Life Home Mortgage Corporation, anticipates tremendous success because of the group of people that make up her staff.

"We are here to provide quality advice so that each and every one of our clients can have a quality closing experience. The name of our company says it all -- we want to be our clients' Lenders for Life."

Keeney says the staff's knowledge of guidelines and programs enables the company to assist its clients in making decisions on what loan programs are suited for their financial futures.

"Our proactive attention to detail ensures that our clients' lending experience is effortless, continuing to earn their business and trust throughout the entire process," Keeney adds. "We have developed a first class Customer Care System designed to exceed all of our clients' expectations, especially in the area of communication. We have discovered that our talents when combined produce the ‘added value' that our company is known for in our marketplace."

The company is adding staff and expanding its services into both the Heber/Overgaard and Tonto Basin areas. Currently the company has six employees and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

"Since we have been in business, we have seen a large increase in both the average sales prices in Payson as well as increases in the average loan size," said Keeney, a 26-year resident of Payson.

She anticipates tremendous success for Lenders for Life because of the group of people that make up the staff and the way they all care for the company's clients during the most significant financial decisions they make in their lifetime.

"I believe that interest rates will stay low, remaining between 6 and 7 percent during 2006," Keeney said, regarding the future. "I predict that Home Equity Line Credit rates will top out about 8.5 percent during this year. I forecast our resale real estate market to continue to be excellent, with our appreciation at around 10 percent, slightly higher than most of the country, which is estimated at 4 percent to 7 percent."

Lenders for Life Home Mortgage Corporation is at 620 E. Highway 260, Suite B-2. For more information, call (928) 468-2375.

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