Payson Needs A Few New Ideas



Two years ago, Barbara Brewer managed to defeat a town embarrassment, and then went on to a narrow win over Jim Chase in the election.

This time, all she can be judged on is her own ability and honesty, and obviously a large majority of the voters decided in the primary that she is not up to the task.

Note that she got an overwhelming 27 percent of the vote in the primary. Her arrogant refusal to heed the wishes of almost 2000 Paysonites concerning the water theft shows how interested she is in our opinions. So, rather than discuss issues she attacks a "newcomer," and makes all sorts of accusations.

Her opponent, Bob Edwards came into our home as he walked the town seeking support, and I asked him many questions. He is a man of honor and honesty -- even when I gave him every opening for a "cheap shot" at his primary opponents, he refused. He is confident and able to talk to the issues -- not attack opponents. He went out of his way to say complimentary things about both Mayor Brewer and Jon Barber -- just saying that he disagreed with them on issues. It will be refreshing to have a mayor who does listen to the people and doesn't engage in personal attacks.

It seems interesting to see who is supporting the candidates. I think every voter should look at who is paying for the full-page ads and who is so interested in getting more voters registered.

It doesn't seem to be the taxpayers who just want to enjoy this beautiful area we live in. I have no concern as to the time that any candidate has lived here. After a short time, we knew it was where we wanted to stay. It does not take 25 years to learn to love Payson or to have good ideas for its future. Perhaps a "newcomer" will bring new ideas. We need them.

Dick Krugh, Payson

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