Payson Needs Balanced, Positive Growth



Anti-growth is a bad stand.

It's a great eye-catcher though, particularly for people who react with their guts and don't think it through.

We should all be anti excessive growth, anti congestion-creating growth, anti the overgrowth that our local labor forces of contractors, electricians, carpenters, plumber can't handle.

Check out the Beeline traffic coming up from the Valley every morning. Check out the Roundup's Help Wanted ads for the building trades.

Our growth has surpassed what is good for Payson, and the good that comes from it largely goes South, and doesn't really help our local economy.

So pro-growth is not always good for Payson. We need to be clearer about what we are being "pro" for -- pro balanced growth, pro needed growth, pro beneficial growth and pro healthy growth.

Then consider whether actions taken by our elected officials meet those "pro" goals, or whether positive, balanced, beneficial growth can result more effectively by others. Is the growth we're experiencing healthy, or is it just growth? Cancerous growth is not what any of us need.

There are differences among the candidates this year. Some understand "anti-growth" is just a fear tactic and are strong and consistent proponents of pro balanced growth. Ask them questions. Make sure they respond to your questions with a real answer, not just a dodge. It's the real answers that help us decide who to vote for.

Lew Levenson, Payson

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