Police Chief Used Position To Influence Voters



Regarding the letter written by Chief Gartner about the supposed actions of mayoral candidate Bob Edwards, there is unfortunately no way for us to sort out the absolute truth of the matter, as it is Chief Gartner's word against Mr. Edwards' about what exactly was said and done.

However, in my opinion, the larger issue is that in writing such a letter, Chief Gartner surely knew that as a public document, it would wind up in the newspaper, making headlines. And, therefore, I can only suspect that in writing it, he was using his office -- and influence -- in an attempt to sway the voters in the upcoming general election. And that, in my opinion, was an inappropriate (to put it mildly) use of his position.

I have lived in the Payson area for five and a half years, but moved into Payson itself only last summer. I am sad to say that I have never found anything to admire about Payson politics, but what I have seen in this election really takes the cake.

I have never seen dirtier politics anywhere.

To that, I will add that the harder these folks work at discrediting Bob Edwards, the more convinced I become that this town needs a change in its government, and that is why I will be voting for Mr. Edwards.

There obviously are people who are desperate to hang onto their power base, and there no doubt is money involved. I think it is very sad that the people behind all these shenanigans apparently think the people of Payson are too blind to see through their machinations and too timid to speak up for change.

Louise Jacobsen, Payson

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