Someone Is Lying About The Mormon Comment



Recently, I wrote a Letter to the Editor to the Payson Roundup regarding Bob Edwards' comments about the Mormon church. I indicated that the issue should not be dropped. Someone needs to investigate who is telling the truth: Edwards or Albert Hunt and the police chief. I took it upon myself to do some of that investigation.

I have spoken to two street maintenance workers for the town. They both indicate that sometime in March 2006 they were in their lunchroom at the town yard. Mr. Edwards came into their lunchroom and began talking to the crew about campaign issues. Mr. Edwards said something to the affect that he would, "Make it so that people don't feel like they must be LDS in order to work here." The men could not remember Edwards' exact words but there was some consistency to their memory.

First, no one else raised the issue about preferential treatment for Mormons. It was raised by Mr. Edwards. Secondly, there were many witnesses present.

Now, getting back to the issue I raised in another letter. Mr. Edwards has flatly denied that he made these comments to anyone. Instead, he maintains that he was merely discussing rumors with the chief of police. Mr. Edwards needs to clarify the situation.

If (the men I spoke to) are being truthful, and I think they are, then Mr. Edwards is not. Verbally and in writing he has denied the statements. More importantly, the underlying concern is that Mr. Edwards appears to have some kind of axe to grind against Mormons.

A final note. There are more people who heard Edwards make this comment. Perhaps they will now come forward.

David Davis, Pine

Editor's note: The names of Davis' contacts have been omitted.

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