Systems Management Company Opens In Star Valley


Crossline Systems is an old name with a new location.

The company has been serving the area for about three years, but only recently opened an office in the area.


A ribbon cutting March 30 at Crossline Systems in Star Valley welcomed residents of the Rim Country to visit the new business. Participating in the ceremonies were, from left, Harvey Pelovsky, chamber ambassador; Jay Vagalatos and Dan Solheim of Crossline Systems; Tina Bruess, executive director of the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce; and Kelly Watts, chamber ambassador.

"We are a technology solutions company for small to medium-size businesses," said Jay Vagalatos, technology consultant for the Northern Arizona Division of the company. "We are a single point of contact to help businesses optimize their existing technology through revamping it to make it run more efficiently or implement new systems."

In addition to serving businesses in the Rim Country, Crossline Systems serves Flagstaff and the Pinetop-Lakeside area. It is still in the process of getting established in the area and reaching out to other communities.

"We originated in Scottsdale in 1997," Vagalatos said. The company was founded by Dan Solheim and was originally involved in developing specialized software. It grew into the systems and business consulting firm it is today.

In addition to the Rim Country office, located at 255379 E. Highway 260 in Star Valley, there are offices in Scottsdale and Costa Rica.

A personal referral first brought the company to the area.

"Our first client up here was having some problems and asked around and someone recommended us," Vagalatos said. "Dan came up and the client was so satisfied they recommended us to other businesses."

From the amount of work the company was getting just by simple word of mouth, they decided there were probably other businesses that could use their services in the area.

Both Vagalatos and Solheim went to work for Motorola in the Valley right out of high school and so were familiar with the area.

"Payson was a place I drove through, but I didn't realize there were so many businesses up here and so many of them needed the kind of services we offer," Vagalatos said.

A typical problem Crossline Systems is called to solve involves frequent critical equipment failures (computer problems) or concern over the safety of a business' data. The safety issues are related to lack of backup files and storing them so they will be safe from a fire or similar problems. The company can provide both on-site and phone support.

"We were lucky to get in on the ground level of the start of the Star Valley municipality and help it establish its technology," Vagalatos said. He said establishing the technology includes such things as recommending the best phone and best computer systems for the work that needs to be done by a town.

"The computer systems should help run the business, not be something to worry about," Vagalatos said. "We want to give our customers the most efficient use of technology at a lower cost."

Crossline Systems does not sell computers or make repairs. They come in and assess what a company has and what it needs to operate at an optimum level. Then it makes recommendations for changes or upgrades and refers clients to area businesses that sell what is needed.

"We're not in competition with any of the other computer stores and companies in the area," Vagalatos said.

The company can also provide a "virtual office" for clients. Using the Internet, clients can use a laptop or other portable equipment, get online and access Crossline Systems' Skydesk Virtual Office and operate just as if they were sitting at their desk in an actual office.

Vagalatos gave the example of an area real estate company that has about 60 agents making use of the Skydesk from their homes, cars or while showing property. Using the virtual office, the agents are able to give their customers the same information they could if they were at the company's office.

Crossline Systems' future includes expansion, Vagalatos said. The challenge to the expansion is finding the talent the company needs locally or convincing talent to relocate to the Rim Country. There are not many barriers to growth if the talent is available.

One area of expansion the company is especially interested in is more work with municipalities, such as the Town of Payson, and work with the Tonto Apache Tribe and Mazatzal Casino.

For more information about Crossline Systems, call (928) 474-3333, or e-mail or visit

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