We Need To Stop Letting Crazy People Talk About Guns



The letter Stan Brown sent to the Payson Roundup titled, "We need to stop giving guns to crazy people" did get me to finally write a response. This letter is titled, "We need to stop letting crazy people talk about guns." Mr. Brown's first point shows his ignorance of the process of owning a gun in Arizona. To buy a gun one has to go to a licensed gun dealer, have a background check run by the federal government, show proof of residency in the state and then that person can buy a gun. During that check, any person can be denied a gun if his or her background shows reason for it.

The Second Amendment needs to be shown to Mr. Brown more carefully since he doesn't really know about it. A careful look and a little research will show that the militia referred to is in Title 10, United States Code, Section 311. Part (b) states the classes of the militia are, 1. The organized militia, consisting of the National Guard and the naval militia, and 2. The unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the naval militia. Mr. Brown, I hope that you will look at it carefully and historically now and not just believe what handgun control (The Brady Bunch) tells you.

Once again, the common welfare means that the government will not get in the way of people's rights to better themselves and provide for the betterment of their families. Also, there are over 20,000 gun laws in this country.

Do they work? I guess not if you are calling for more. So, how many more gun laws will it take for the criminal to say, "Wow, that last gun law has convinced me to stop my life of crime and illegal gun use."

I feel your ideas are beyond reason and common sense to think that will happen.

One last thing, I, sir, have a firearm. I sometimes carry it. To have that "right" I had to take an eight-hour course, do a shooting proficiency test, take a written test, get a background check and pay Arizona $75 above the class cost. I do not believe that is just arming everyone and turning them loose without any controls.

Keith R. Nash, Payson

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