What's Up?


Q: What is the status of the roundabout at Houston Mesa and Highway 87?

A: "There are no plans," said Blake. He said he thinks the town was interested in other roundabouts, based on the success of the one at Tyler Parkway. "The nice thing about roundabouts is you can put them close together. Houston Mesa would lend itself to a roundabout."

"We are currently designing the signal at Airport and Airline," Blake said. "I believe that the roundabout was too expensive and so the town is going forward with a signal.

Plans are 60 percent complete and the signal will be placed in fall, possibly October according to Garrett.

Q: Do forest rangers, firemen or police look for campfires at night, when campers or partyers would be more likely to burn them?

A: "Yes," said Dan Eckstein, assistant fire management officer for the Payson Ranger District.

"Most of the fire personnel work during the hottest part of the day. Generally they are not out patrolling at night. Our law enforcement people, several of them, come on later and work until 11 or midnight. They are out checking for partyers and campfires.

"When we get in critical fire danger, we bring in severity law enforcement either using Gila County or more forest service law enforcement. They all have staggered shifts, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when there are more people out in the woods."

Sheriff's posse members and deputies are also out at that time checking for campfires according to Eckstein.

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