Jon Barber Interested In Open Council Seat



In light of some rumors and letters that have been circulating, I feel I need to make some clarifications.

There have been some letters sent out that, at first glance, seem to give the impression that I have endorsed Bob Edwards for mayor. There have also been rumors that I would endorse Bob in exchange for a position at Town Hall if he succeeds in his campaign. I have not and I will not be endorsing Bob Edwards for mayor. If I had felt that I could have endorsed Bob, I would not have run for mayor myself.

There have also been rumors that Mayor Brewer and I made a deal for me to endorse her for mayor in exchange for her nominating me for the council seat that Councilman Barriger is leaving. There is no deal made, nor will there be a deal made. I would like to be able to fill that seat based on my qualifications and not a deal.

Barbara and I have had some conversations about changes that I would like to see, which are based on what I ran my campaign on.

I am in the same spot that at least most of my supporters are in, which is making a choice that I never intended to have to make. I tried to keep my campaign positive and will continue to try to do so. Our choice now is to look at the two candidates left and decide which one is best for the future of Payson.

I think one of the big things to look at is the motivation for running in the first place. Is there a single-issue reason, as opposed to having the whole town population in mind?

Trust is another thing to consider. Are we willing to overlook the lack of truth and integrity in exchange for possibly getting something on the one issue that concerns us? In other words, does the end justify the means? For me, it doesn't. We also have to look at the economy and how it will be affected, not just short term but long term as well.

I would like to be able to represent you on the council in George's place. I would encourage those who have supported me to talk to the present council members and express your support for me to fill this vacancy. Thanks again, Payson.

Jon Barber


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