Merger Of Smaller Fire Districts Discussed


A community meeting was held on Saturday morning at the Tonto Village Chapel. About 30 people attended this early morning meeting to hear discussions on a possible merger of fire districts. The meeting was to give people the right information instead of the many rumors that were being circulated. Charlie Conover of Star Valley, Chuck Jacobs from the Houston Mesa Fire District, the Tonto Village Fire Board, Chief Alliger and volunteer firemen from the area were in attendance along with many of the residents of the village. Everyone was urged to voice his or her own opinions, whether pro or con.


The Double D Nine-Ball Girls met at the Double D Restaurant Tuesday evening. It was a special night because former member Phyllis Ballard was visiting from Oklahoma.

Tonto Village Fireboard Chairman Bill Tonstad announced that the monthly meeting would be immediately following at the fire station at 10 a.m. and the matter would be discussed further. Tonstad suggested the board would listen to all comments, and it would be a good idea for residents to put their comments in writing and give the letters to the board for further consideration.

Either mail your comments to the fire station or give them to the secretary at the fire station. The address is:

Tonto Village Fire Board
H C 7 Box 181 C
Payson, AZ 85541

Until further notice, the Tonto Village Fire Board meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month. The time will be 6 p.m., beginning with the May meeting. The date is May 10. Mark your calendar with the new date and time.


Charlie Conover of the Star Valley Fire Board came to Tonto Village to talk about the possible merger of the smaller fire districts in the surrounding area.

The Fireflies Auxiliary president Linda Stailey announced that there will be a Memorial Day Breakfast on May 27 at the fire station. Further details will be advertised in this column.

Raffle tickets for a beautifully made quilt by Vicki Grootegoed will be available from any auxiliary member starting next week. Grace Daniels is the chairperson. Grace can be reached at (928) 478-4137. Ticket prices are $1 for one or six for $5. The winner will be announced at the Labor Day Bash in September.

Water concerns

In the past few days, Bill Snyder, the on-site manager of Tonto Village Water Company, has been tracking down water leaks in the village, causing water to run down the street. Snyder is asking the residents to please call him if you see water running down the street. The leaks are wasting precious water that we will need to get us through the summer. Since there has not been very much snow or rainfall, it is not out of the realm of possibility that water will have to be restricted in some way in order for everyone to have enough water to see us through this year. If you are planning a garden, maybe it is time to consider container gardening, and do you really need to have a grass lawn? I think that it is time to reconsider our own personal water needs. We do not have an unending supply of water.

Pool results

The nine-ball gals were happy to have an extra gal playing with them at the Double D this past Tuesday evening. Phyllis Mullen Ballard showed up to play with the gals again for old-times sake. Phyllis was in town for a few days from Okmulgee, Oklahoma for unfinished business and decided to join the gals for a pool game or two. Unfortunately, Phyllis was not among the winners. Nanci Olson, Betty Koutz and Linda Stailey took the three top spots. Everyone had a great time chatting and catching up on all the news, and playing a great game of nine-ball.

Sunday afternoon the pool players got together for an eight-ball tournament at the Double D. Cliff Landrum's pool cue was smoking. He won again. Joe Ferriero and Cliff's brother Jerry Landrum shot for second and third places. Sharpen up those tricky shots, everyone; it's time to take on the winner.


Connie Weldon of Tonto Village III is the birthday girl this week. Connie adds another candle to her favorite chocolate cake with butter cream icing on April 15.

Angie Meeker, daughter of Rick and Theresa Meeker of Tonto Village II and Scottsdale will celebrate her birthday on April 19.

Happy birthday to you, Connie and Angie.

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