Put Power Back In The Hands Of The Voters



"It's the law?"

Recently the town council, which was elected to represent the citizens of Payson, ignored the signed petition of nearly 2,000 residents concerning the water issue in Star Valley. Their argument for this action was that they were following the law and it seems that the morality of the act was not important enough to consider. Now, they are going to select a replacement to the council by voting amongst themselves, six people, instead of allowing the voters to speak. According to one of the three lame duck council members, "It's the law."

Please show me the law that states that the council must follow this procedure for selecting a replacement of a councilman whose resignation came two months late to allow the citizens to vote the replacement in the primary election, but two months early from allowing the newly-elected council to deal with this matter.

An easy and moral solution to this issue would involve using the general election starting next week to select the three new members to the council. Since the voters just selected the top six candidates in the primary election for the council seats, at no additional cost to the taxpayers, the fourth highest vote getter could serve out the two-year term of Mr. Barriger. Let's put the power back into the hands of the voters.

Bob Charameda

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