Smelling The Stench Of Dirty Politics



Here I am, living in this small Arizona town and everywhere I turn I smell the stench of dirty politics. Payson, what have we come to?

I have come to the sad conclusion that what this is really all about is big development and its need for water at any cost, versus reasonable and planned development with responsible and moral water usage.

We had a recent election. The results were a resounding "no," not only to big development and irresponsible water usage, but a "no" to the status quo.

The people have spoken and they have made it clear that they do not want certain officials to remain in office and do not want others to gain office.

The people's will should not be subverted by back-room deals.

Further, if I were a department head, and someone told me they heard rumors that I was not being fair and unbiased in my hiring practices, my first action would be to look at the numbers. If the allegations were true, whether intended or not, I would begin seeking ways to correct the imbalance. Then I would thank the person who brought it to my attention. It's never too late to be fair.

Finally, I would like to encourage people to get out and vote. But first, get to know the candidates, and find out where they stand on the important issues facing Payson.

Pat Rollins


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