Vote For Mike Vogel



Who is Mike Vogel?

The citizens of Payson should know why Mike Vogel is their best choice for town council. Since filing for candidacy, Mike has been hard at work to better understand not only the issues, but to also obtain firsthand information on how the town functions.

He has spoken with and interviewed all town administrative department heads, including the police and fire department heads. He has spoken with all presently seated council members, the mayor, and all candidates for office. He has gone door-to-door, talked to groups at the Senior Center, our high school principal, and various other town organizations. He has also made himself available to answer questions from anyone twice a week at a local coffee shop.

I have been a close personal friend of Mike since he moved to Payson four years ago. He has always been completely dedicated to any endeavor he undertakes. He is trustworthy, honest, intelligent, charismatic and an extremely good negotiator. Vote for Mike. Put him in office. He will earn your respect.

Paul Penning


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