Bad Timing For Barriger's Resignation



I regret George Barriger's resignation. He was a good listener, and gave valuable input. I talked to George one-on-one, and his reason for leaving was to be with family in California. It is my understanding that George would not leave the council until his home sold. His home has not sold and, even if it had, it takes thirty days to close.

There would be less confusion at Town Hall if he could have waited until June. Bad timing.

It would be valid in my eyes to have the newly-elected council fill the vacant council seat. It would be valid in my eyes if they would choose one of the candidates in the general election who did not receive votes to be part of the new council.

Whatever they choose to do, I pray that God's grace bless them with truth, wisdom and discernment to do what is good for Payson and not their own political gain.

Shirley McGeary, Payson

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