Barb Underwood Will Work Hard For Payson



If you know Barbara Underwood, you don't need to read this letter, you already know what I'm going to say. This is a letter for anyone who doesn't know her.

Our family moved to Payson in 1987, and the Underwoods were some of the first, fine people we met. Throughout the years, we've come to know Barb in many different ways: As a business woman, softball player, mother, grandmother, co-worker at the school, volunteer, wedding/event planner, excellent pie maker, and most importantly, friend. In every capacity, she has shown integrity, skill, a good sense of humor, determination, honesty, caring, willingness to work hard and follow through with any task, while always staying upbeat and positive.

Your vote for Barbara Underwood will make certain you've chosen someone who will work hard to serve Payson, keeping it a wonderful place to live.

Dave and Rose Ellen Fischer, Payson

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