Cellular Business Opens In New Location


The Chatterbox is now next door to Corral West.

David Mullis is still the man to see about your Alltel and Nextel service, equipment and accessories.


David Mullis offers both Alltel and Nextel services at his business, The Chatterbox is now located next door to Corral West.

Mullis was one the area's first cellular entrepreneurs. He went into the business about six years ago when the Rim Country was served by Dobson's Cellular One.

"When Cellular One was bought out by Verizon I went with Alltel and have been with them ever since," Mullis said. "I have a large following of very loyal clientele."

Many of those customers just drop in the store to chat with him.

Mullis' move to Alltell took him to a kiosk in the old Wal-Mart and when Wal-Mart moved to its new site, he moved with it. Then Wal-Mart started selling cellular service and Mullis had to move on to open his own shop. In May 2005, he opened The Chatterbox in the Swiss Village shops. In December, he moved the business again to its current location.

The Alltel service is directed to single lines and families, Mullis said. Nextel is pushing for services to businesses, corporations and government, he said.

One of the biggest features at Mullis' shop are all the accessories he carries.

"Phone pouches are the most popular with women," he said. His male clients like the Bluetooth headsets. Both the Alltel and Nextel lines can make use of the Bluetooth technology, he said.

And while Mullis has a large selection of accessories in stock, if customers can't find what they want, he can special order it.

"The technology is always changing. You go away for a week and come back and there's something different to sell," he said.

Mullis said some the coming trends in cellular service include more clients getting systems with which they can get online, and more multi-functioning units, such as those with 26 different television channels. Alltel's television service is called "MobiTV" and costs $10 a month.

Nextel has a complete Global Positioning System available for only $4 to $5 a month, Mullis said.

The Chatterbox is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

For more information, call Mullis at (928) 474-9551.

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