Greed The Unspoken Factor In Immigration Debate



The issue of immigration has been spun this way and that, dissected and analyzed, ad nauseum. However, I find it extremely disturbing that not once has anyone pointed out the uncontestable fact that it is wrong to take advantage of, much less profit from, another person's plight or desperation. Our Mexican neighbors endure a dangerous journey to feed their families and just maybe to get a taste of a more prosperous life.

So, we hire them, but do we pay them what they're worth? No.

That, folks, is the unsaid root of the whole problem -- model employees doing the work of two men at half the salary, half the salary of the already depleted wage of the Southwestern American citizen.

Greed cannot hide unless it is accepted as the norm, and it has been.

Here is something to chew on. A business owner in Arizona pays roughly the same amount for materials, tools, vehicles, insurance and other overhead as any other across the country. There are no big differences. Yet, with altruistic exceptions, businesses here pay little more than half the salary, and even less to Mexicans -- probably half of that.

Once middle class skilled craftsmen are now living like paupers, Americans and Mexicans alike. This trend has been gaining momentum across the country in all blue-collar trades, but Arizona has taken the lead by far.

New laws and regulations concerning immigration will be meaningless until they support what is right, not what is profitable, convenient or politically correct.

Let's pull ourselves up by our moral bootstraps and demand the same from our elected leaders. We need to focus on the greed and unabashed avarice that created the problem in the first place. We also need to make it socially unacceptable to become wealthy by exploiting poverty and creating more.

If employers paid everyone a fair wage, and took taxes out, then immigrants, legal or not, would benefit the country instead of drain it.

Gerald W. Nenninger, Jr., Payson

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