Illegal Aliens Need To Be Protesting Against Their Own Government



Recently, we have seen massive rallies in support of illegal aliens here to work in this country. These people are here because of the economic situation in Mexico, not because of the economic situation here in the U.S. Corruption and incompetence have allowed the Mexican government to squander the vast wealth of Mexico and polarize the Mexican people into "haves" and "have-nots."

As long as these people can come here to work, it keeps the Mexican government afloat and the problem will proliferate. I agree that we should be supporting these people, but not with jobs. We should be encouraging them to overthrow the corrupt regime in Mexico much the same way that the people of Eastern Europe overthrew communism.

As the grandson of a woman who emigrated here from Guadalajara, Mexico, I studied Mexican history as a means of connecting with my family past.

In 1847, during the U.S. invasion there were 100 teenage boys at a military academy who fought bravely against the American troops. Their dedication to duty and sacrifice was recognized by the U.S. commander at the time and they passed into Mexican history forever known as heroes. These boys, "Los Ninos," willingly fought and died for their country. I cannot believe that they died so that future generations of Mexicans could walk the streets of U.S. cities protesting for the right to mow my grass.

The "Day of Action" needs to be south of the border, not north of it.

Mike (Lopez) Igielski, Payson

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