Newspaper Shouldn't Have Printed Who Didn't Vote



I cannot believe my eyes. You had the audacity to print who did and didn't vote in the recent election.

Me thinks you need to return to school, my friend. We learned early on that voting and our voting preference was a private matter. This is one reason why I am questioning the legality of this mail-in ballot election. It is none of your business, or anyone else's for that matter, who did or did not vote.

For you to print this in our paper, in this small town, is totally incomprehensible. I question as to where these votes were kept before the counting took place and why we had to sign the envelope on the outside, this is a definite invasion of privacy. It obviously gave you the information you wanted or seemed to need, to print this outrageous article.

Why are you so privy to this information? If a person is incapacitated and cannot get out to vote, they can call and request a mail-in ballot. If they are going to be out of town they can call and request an absentee ballot.

This type of election, i.e. mail-in ballot, is a total farce.

I hope that the powers that be take a good look at this and come up with polling places and private ballots.

You said, and I quote, "The all-mail ballot makes voting simpler." I would like to know, simpler for who? Simpler for people like you to obtain and print information that is private, simpler for Fred Carpenter to give out that information, simpler for Simpletons.

Judith K. Chlupsa, Payson

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