Prom Location Has Parent Concerned



As a concerned parent of a Payson High School student attending the prom this year, I am writing with regard to the safety of our children attending this year's prom. I recently discovered the location of the prom, the R-BAR-C Boy Scout Ranch, located approximately 17 miles east of Payson, on Highway 260. As a concerned parent, who is also an EMS provider, I found this to be a potentially dangerous location for this event.

I contacted Payson High School and inquired if there would be transportation available for the students attending and was told, "They're on their own."

Every year we hear about tragedy with high school students attending a prom being seriously injured or killed. By locating this event so far out of town limits, on a two lane, deserted highway with hazards of elk and increased traffic due to the time of year, we are setting our kids up for possible harm.

Even though this might be an "awesome" place to have the prom, the possible dangers lurking for our kids outweigh the positive aspects of the location.

I know the prom should be a special occasion for each and every young person, and I am sure a location in town would provide the same experience without the added dangers.

I hope I am not the only parent with concerns about the safety of our children. Obviously, the location cannot be changed for this year's event. Hopefully, as parents in this community, we can change the location in years to come.

I find it very upsetting to discover that those who are responsible for overseeing school functions and are entrusted with the safety and welfare of our children are not as concerned as I feel they should be.

Please, for the years to come, lets have safety as the utmost concern when determining locations of school functions.

Traci Chovanec, Payson

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