Rumor Mill In Payson Out Of Control



For the record, I have never written anything for Mr. Edwards, nor do I support his candidacy. I say this only because the rumor mill in Payson has spread this information across town and it has gotten back to me. I say this in spite of the fact that no one else has any business speculating about my political activities. Anyone who knows me also knows that I would not keep such involvement anonymous, and that my tendency to be up front has gotten me into trouble at times.

As the Guidance Counselor at Rim Country Middle School, I learned to expect this type of behavior from young adolescents. They have not yet learned how to communicate with others and their "people skills" have not been refined. I spent many hours dealing with rumor and gossip, trying to teach my students how to deal more effectively with others. I never thought that I would have to spend time dealing with this from adults.

I want to thank the two people who were sophisticated enough to check with me about this rumor. Those of you who participated in this rumor mill need to spend your time in more constructive pursuits. There are many great organizations around town that need volunteers. If any of you are feeling guilty about your behavior, I am participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day in November, and I need to raise $2,300 in additional funds. Just log on to: I, like many other survivors, will be very appreciative of the help.

For the record, I did volunteer at RCMS yesterday for two hours. I really enjoyed myself and plan to continue that work in my retirement. Oh, and I did indeed write this.

Ginger Sparks, Payson

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