Salaries, Staff On Payson Council Agenda


The Payson Town Council convenes for a special meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday, April 20 in the town hall council chambers.

Each spring, before beginning of the new fiscal year, the council considers all things budgetary.

Rather than taking up time during regular council meetings, special meetings that are open to the public are held to consider specific items.

"A lot of times these meetings are for a special purpose," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said. "The regular town council audience doesn't want to sit and listen to budget things."

During this special meeting, the council will discuss personnel and salary issues.

Government at a glance

The issue: Additions to town staff.

How it affects the community: Carpenter said each department seeking new staff members must address the council. "There are only a couple of positions, but they have to get council justification," he said.

The next step: Council will vote whether to approve the additions. If the item is passed, the police and fire departments will add two employees respectively.

The issue: Town employee salary survey.

How it affects the community: An outside consultant will present a current analysis of how Payson's salary fits in with other municipalities. "(The study) determines where we are in the market," Carpenter said. No action will be taken.

The next step: Over the next few months the council will take the findings under advisement and consider how the results work with the budget.

The issue: Providing funds for nonprofit agencies.

How it affects the community: Each year the council determines whether it will donate money to nonprofit organizations. During this meeting, the council will set a preliminary policy for possible contributions.

The next step: If the council feels the town has enough money, it will solicit applications. The council could also drop the issue for lack of interest.

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