We Cannot Afford To Fight In Iran



Recent headlines from reputable national newspapers such as the Washington Post and the New Yorker and the New York Times proclaim a frightening government penchant. Sources for those articles list U.S. officials and independent analysts who have been observing this quietly growing trend for some time. The Bush administration is studying options for military strikes against Iran as part of a broader strategy of "coercive diplomacy" to pressure Tehran to abandon its alleged nuclear development program.

Has U.S. policy to use "coercive diplomacy" become routine? Isn't the phrase "coercive diplomacy" strangely contradictive?

The Bush Administration has quietly ordered the removal of 30,000 troops from Iraq. Was this done to appease the American people with a "plan for withdrawal" from the war in Iraq? In his many recent speeches President Bush emphatically denies any plan for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. As I read the articles in major newspapers around the country today I was sickened by ominous headlines.

Thus far we Americans have been unsuccessful in our attempts to curb government actions. In this we cannot be apathetic. I urge you to view the Web site Congress.org where you will find names, e-mail and physical addresses as well as telephone numbers for federal elected officials from Arizona and every state in America.

Phone numbers for Ariz. Senators are: John McCain (202) 224-2235, fax:(202) 228-2862 or locally phone: (602) 952-2410, Fax:(602) 952-8702. For Senator Jon Kyl call (202) 224-4521, fax:(202) 224-2207 or locally phone (602) 840-1891; fax:(602) 957-6838. You will also find your representative listed.

Please take a moment to e-mail, call or write about any of your concerns. I often use e-mail and faxes. It's as simple as that. If a huge roar of negativism from the public is heard the administration must back off. America cannot afford to expand to a regional war and only we citizens can move to stop it.

America is rapidly losing its status as the world's most powerful and compassionate nation. I will fight in my way to be part of this nation's democratic processes, values and station in the world. I have seen these crumbling in a few short years and I will do anything I can that is lawful and effective to bring America back to her proud heritage.

Donna Davis, Payson

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