What's Up?


Q: What can I do about the tinder box on the west side of Manzanita, north of 260 behind the old Wal-Mart? Now that the weeds have been watered with two feet of snow, it is deadly.

A: "If a person sees something that they think is a hazard or has a concern, whether it is dead vegetation, accumulations of junk, rubbish, etc., they can contact either the Fire Marshal or the Zoning Enforcement Officer," Fire Chief Martin deMasi said. "Someone will be assigned to investigate the complaint and make a determination of what to do with it. If it is deemed a hazard, the property owner will be contacted and the hazard mitigated. The property owner is given time to get the work done. In some cases this takes longer than others for a variety of reasons. As a side note, the fire department currently has over 45 properties in Payson that are in the "cleanup" queue.

"In reference to the specific property in question, the property owner has been working the last few weeks to clear a defensible area around the perimeter and remove the dead trees. It actually looks pretty good now."

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