Where And Why Is Principal Peggy Miles Going?



After attending the Payson school board meeting on April 10, I left feeling disgusted with our current school board. The board has decided to dump JRE's principal, Peggy Miles. Principal Miles has been an exemplary leader for the children, teachers and parents. After being given two years to "prove" herself in her new position as principal, the school board feels that she isn't worthy of retaining her position.

Parents, students and teachers alike spoke on Principal Miles' behalf at the board meeting.

Her multitude of personal and professional accomplishments speak for themselves. Needless to say, Peggy's kudos fell on deaf ears as the meeting closed with the board's decision to can Principal Miles.

Doesn't the parental, teacher and student input have any value? Apparently not.

One can't help but wonder what ulterior motive exists behind canning Principal Miles. I will be careful in my selection of school board members and superintendent during our next election. I urge others to make their dissatisfaction with this school board decision known and take steps to reverse the control that is available to the board in making these types of decisions. For kids' sake, let's keep Peggy Miles.

Angela Lyons, Payson

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