A Few Problems With Edwards And Blair



Just what is it that bugs me about Bob Edwards and Ed Blair anyway? I think it's their arrogance and hypersensitivity. Even the slightest criticism of the Edwards/Blair platform brings on a panacea of excuses from them, and charges of mudslinging.

They are always complaining about something the town council did or did not do. They never have anything positive to say. It's always doom and gloom. They're easy to spot. Just look for the dark cloud that seems to be hanging over their heads all the time. Many appear to be in the Edwards/Blair camp.

I for one, appreciated the revelations of the Edwards voting record in the Michigan Legislature, his Mormon conspiracy allegations and the behind-the-scenes direction of his minions to create rumors of town hall corruption and malfeasance of office by town officials.

His latest efforts to close down the Door Stop business operations is most revealing. I believe he is not the second coming Messiah to Payson as he has painted himself to be.

Can you say "another professional politician?"

Ed Blair appears to be his chosen prophet. As for Mr. Blair, apparently he was out of the country on a vacation when a local paper attempted to interview him and publish his ideas for Payson's future.

Again, he doesn't show up for the most important public community candidate forum so we may listen to his views for our town's future.

He was on another out of country vacation. Will he be here to serve if elected? Why must Edwards and Blair campaign as a team? Can they not campaign on their own individual principles and ideas? I am also concerned as to their lack of support for our business community. Batman and Robin were good cartoon characters but will they be good for our town's future direction? There are better choices available to vote for in the upcoming election.

Donald Evans, Payson

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