Don't Be Fooled By Smear Campaigns



Mud-slinging character assassins can hide behind a PAC or spew venom "anonymously," but the voters of Payson are not stupid. We know the motives and why so many dollars are being thrown into the vicious attacks against Bob Edwards. We won't be fooled by these pathetic attempts to protect very wealthy people from adding more to their coffers at the people of Payson's expense.

Nothing can change the fact that the current town council has turned neighbor against neighbor, family against family, town against town.

Never has there been such divisive action perpetrated on citizens who placed their trust in elected officials in Payson.

We don't want to take Star Valley's water. We don't want to pay $750,000 for an unnecessary pipeline, and we don't want status quo for another two years. Elect Bob Edwards, Ed Blair, Rick Croy and Diana Sexton. Stop the insanity.

Lynne Golliglee, Payson

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