Edwards Has Criticized Everyone Who Is Part Of Town Hall



The Edwards/Blair advertisements are claiming, "Primary Results Are Clear."

A famous Yankee catcher stated that a baseball game "Ain't over ‘til it's over." It appears the Edwards/Blair campaign would like to call the game (or in this case the Payson election) over, while they are ahead after 4 1/2 innings. The rules state that you must play nine innings to complete the game, unless the game is called complete because of rain. That is unlikely given our current draught.

Edwards' advertisement also claims "Strong Experienced Leadership to make it happen." Edwards has experience in the Michigan Legislature. He was a bureaucrat, an engineer and a landlord.

He has lived in Payson for only two years, and yet he claims to be an expert on Arizona water (without talking to any of Payson's water experts). He has criticized everyone who is part of Town Hall, from the janitor to the mayor, and he has made false statements about the hiring practices of the Town. He wants to form task forces to determine what's wrong with the Town. This must mean he has no idea now what the problems are, and he will learn after he is elected.

His running mate, Ed Blair, is a retired minister, and a very nice man. However, he doesn't have a clue as to what it takes to run a town government. The bottom line, and the truth, is that a developer is planning to build subdivisions near their homes, and they want to stop him.

They could care less about "We the People" of Payson. In fact, if they are elected, with little or no knowledge of the real problems facing Payson, they would set Payson back 10 years.

The no growth individuals and organizations backing the Edwards/ Blair no-growth machine, are hoping that will happen. The Edwards/ Blair supporters are driving through the streets of Payson looking in their rear view mirror at the past, that can't come back, instead of the bright future that the forward thinking citizens of Payson have already voted for.

The voters of Payson must give serious thought to the real damage that the Edwards/Blair machine would do to the future of our community.

Michele Allaire, Payson

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