Former Council Fell Over Itself For Door Stop



What an interesting paid political ad published in the Payson Roundup April 11, supporting Barbara Brewer, and supposedly written by the owner of The Door Stop company in Payson. A very few years ago when the owner of Door Stop was showing interest in moving a portion of their shop to Payson, our town fathers were stumbling over each other's feet wondering what to do.

Citizens Awareness Committee (CAC), a political watch group in Payson, were somewhat amused over their antics. Suddenly, it came to light that there was going to be some hanky panky going on with our tax dollars. So concerned was the CAC that they invested in a study of the Door Stop company. What came out of this was very interesting.

Tell us, "Door Stop" owner and Mayor Brewer, just how much of our tax dollars did it cost the Payson taxpayers to bring The Door Stop to Payson? Don't forget the land value involved.

Dave Engelman, Payson

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