Former Mayor Endorses Council, Mayoral Candidates



We need less acrimony in this upcoming election. We don't need all this negative help to decide what's wrong with the candidates. What is more important: What will they do for our town when they are in office? What's their vision of our community? How and what will they do to achieve that vision?

We have an unparalleled opportunity to plan for the future. We know the geographic growth boundaries are for our town. We can predict our ultimate population with adequate land use planning. We can analyze the availability and cost of various resources, including water. We need a vision for the community. We need leaders with a vision for Payson's future.

We have wonderful choices before us. We have well-intentioned and well-qualified candidates. The most important thing we can do is vote. I can't believe the number of people who didn't vote in the primary election. If somehow, someone thinks their vote doesn't count, just look at the number of elections in the last ten years that have been decided by less that 20 votes. For crying out loud, your vote counts. You must listen, question and analyze what the candidates are saying. You get to decide. You get to vote. What a great privilege. What an awesome responsibility.

I think there are more than three great choices for council. But, for my three, I choose: 1.) Su Connell, she wants to work with the community to develop a vision for the future. 2.) Diana Sexton, she has a vision of Payson as a community of neighbors. I enjoyed working on the town's Transportation Committee with Diana. She looks at the issues from a wide variety of viewpoints. 3.) Rick Croy, because of his demonstrated commitment to the unmet housing needs for Payson and his continued work in that area.

I'm voting for Barbara Brewer for mayor. She has a long, demonstrated commitment to the betterment of our community and a vision of improving our community while supporting our local economy.

I'm voting "yes" for Home Rule. I want our elected Town Council deciding where to spend our tax dollars, not some Phoenix bureaucrats dictating to us.

I would like for you to agree with my choices, but it's your vote. It's up to you to make it count.

Cliff Potts, Payson

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