Give Me Bill Clinton Any Day



I am delighted that six generals stepped forward to voice their opinion against Rumsfeld. Although I wish this had been done sooner, possibly reducing the casualties in Iraq, they didn't wait 30 years to confess, like McNamara did. Sadly though, it will fall on deaf ears because we have a president who is more concerned about saving face than saving lives.

This has to be the most corrupt and inefficient administration since Nixon held office. When Bush took office he threw democracy out the window and replaced it with a dictatorship. His motto is "My way or the highway." Well, with all his blunders, I think it's safe to say he doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

As for our illustrious defense secretary, I had him pegged from the get go -- a real loose cannon. Snarling, nasty and oblivious to the needs of our military, he, too, has done it his way. Of course, Bush thinks he is doing a "very fine job."

Are we supposed to feel all warm and cozy with these reassuring words? I mean, this is the same guy that said, "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie." Thanks, but no thanks.

Give me Bill Clinton any day. Oh, I know all you religious zealots out there are still beating him up, but think about this for just a minute. What he did was morally wrong. But, it never brought on a war that has taken over 2,000 lives. His actions never ran up a national debt that will take years to pay off. Yet, the Republicans were ready to have him drawn and quartered. Where is Ken Starr when we really need him?

Patricia Harley, Payson

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