How Did Payson Become So Nasty?



What is going on in Payson?

I have lived in Arizona for the past thirty plus years in the Valley, and drove through Payson when it was a nice Christian, friendly town.

I moved here some five years back and cannot believe what has happened to the town with the mean and vicious campaign going on here. Do you suppose that some people have something to hide?

There is no way that Bob Edwards can be as bad as what some of the dirt that is said about him.

When you have the Door Stop, not only endorsing our present mayor, but saying the things about Bob the way owner Jim Hill did, is not very professional.

Many businesses endorse candidates without the slander that Hill has done to Bob.

The police department is paid by the taxpayer. No way did they have to try and sway the votes to their advantage? This week, we shall all go to our place of worship. Let's ask ourselves, what is going on in Payson? Don't let this town get this mean and nasty.

Have some of our leaders been so involved in wrong doing that there is something going on that this town should know about?

Jim Whitely, Payson

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