Look At Barbara Underwood's Record On The Planning And Zoning Commission



Who are "they?"

Some residents of Payson ask, "Why do they allow more building when we've been on water restrictions?" The answer is that "they" have positions on the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council.

At the Planning and Zoning meeting on April 10, the vote was five to two in favor of rezoning Mr. Horton's Forest Edge subdivision at the end of Phoenix Street. The "they" were Kevin Sokol, Mark Waldrop, Jim Scheidt, Jere Jarrell and Barbara Underwood. That was the approval of 54 homes. When developer Kevin Sokol's project, Boulder Ridge, came up, he did not vote, but the others, above-named "they," did, and recommended a rezoning change to accommodate 51 homes.

Barbara Underwood is a council candidate, and she recommended 105 homes, plus the 35 she recommended for Mr. Horton's development next to my home in back of Home Depot at a previous meeting. Her "proven track record" is a total of 140 homes, or about 115 more homes than the present density. Would you vote for that record for Town Council?

Lori Meyers, Payson

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