Man Pairs Personal Challenge, Cause


Derron DeRouin is stepping out from behind his desk and is in training for the 2006 Zane Grey Highline Trail Race.

The 50-mile foot race is more than just a pleasant stroll in the woods, and DeRouin's reason for participation is more than just challenging himself.


Derron DeRouin is racing in the 50-mile Zane Grey Highline Trail Race to raise money for New Beginnings Pregnancy Center. The Center is a nonprofit, faith/abstinence-based pregnancy education center.

"I knew I could do the Zane Grey Race when I hiked across the Grand Canyon (a 24-mile hike) in a little over eight hours," Derron said.

He has hiked parts of the trail, which begins on the Control Road near Pine at an elevation of 5,400 feet and ascends at its highest point near Hell's Gate and the fish hatchery to just under 6,900 feet.

He will be scoping out several others in the days leading up to April 29.

"I am raising money for New Beginnings Pregnancy Center," he said.

Several hundred dollars have been promised so far by sponsors who have pledged lump sums and others who have pledged dollars per mile.

"The Lutheran Thrivant Fund is matching up to $800," said Michelle DeRouin, director of New Beginning Pregnancy Center.

Athletes have about 14 hours to complete the 50-mile race. There are timed checkpoints along the way, and those who do not make it in time are eliminated.

"I plan to finish it, no matter what," Derron said. "My goal is to stay under the time limits."

Derron DeRouin's personal challenge is also the spring fund-raiser to benefit New Beginnings Pregnancy Center.

New Beginnings is the local nonprofit, faith/abstinence-based pregnancy education center. Women and girls can go there for free pregnancy tests and counseling.

Assistance through childbirth with courses in topics like nutrition and parenting skills is available.

The Mommy Store has items like layettes, diapers and other items parents-to-be can earn by taking the courses.

To pledge money to the Center on behalf of Derron's "race for life" contact Michele DeRouin at (928) 978-0164 or (928) 474-7466.

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