Miles Dismissal A Shock And Disgrace



I am writing this letter after witnessing one of the worst cases of injustice I have ever witnessed by an elected board of school board members. On April 10, the Payson School Board met to decide whether to renew the contract of Julia Randall Elementary School principal Peggy Miles. While I sat there and witnessed Superintendent Sue Myers read a prepared statement explaining the reason that she was recommending that Miles be terminated, I found myself ashamed to be a resident of Payson, a town that I love. The superintendent cited several reasons for not recommending the retention of Miles. She called her the weakest person on her staff. She said Miles did not bring anything to the table at meetings, did not meet academic expectations and did not work well with the staff at Julia Randall Elementary School.

I almost broke out laughing at the reasoning the superintendent used for Ms. Miles' termination.

Ms. Myers is facing a long line of parent complaints, maybe it is because she is such a strong leader, or maybe because she lets her "strong staff members" dictate policy in her office and then blames "good hard working" and caring people like Peggy Miles for her own lack of leadership and incompetence.

Before Ms. Miles became the principal of Julia Randall Elementary School, the school was performing at minimum standards. If you check the State Department of Education Web site, it will confirm that after Peggy Miles became principal, the school began performing at a much higher standard. Peggy Miles is not only an excellent principal, but has raised the standard of education for the students who attend Julia Randall Elementary School, plus has the greatest attribute: she loves her students. She spends numerous hours coaching and mentoring them, something I feel is lacking by some administrators on the superintendent's "strong leadership team."

I sat in horror as I watched the Payson school board make their decision to terminate Ms. Miles on the recommendation of Sue Myers, a person who I believe is a poor example of a leader who is responsible for the education of our children.

Kim Jeffrey Pound, Payson

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