Poison Pens Used In Recent Letters To Editor



Some recent Letters to the Editor must have been written with poison pens, or maybe poisoned minds.

It's sad when some feel that their judgment of others is absolute truth with no room for error.

I pray our president, George W. Bush, has the heart of a lion and the hide of a rhinoceros because of the venom spewed his way. The trouble with venom is that it poisons everyone, especially the one who spits it out.

One more point: My understanding of history is that there were numerous other American presidents, such as Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, who were also victims of the "super critics."

To tie this in with our local election coming up, we would appear to need people in charge who would never even think of stealing a neighbor's water. Remember, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." We'll be happier and less susceptible to lawsuits if we do just that.

Charlotte Casey, Payson

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