Spring Cleaning Foiled By Puppy Love As Smitten Dog Digs Under Fence



The spring cleaning bug has struck me this week. I hit the stores for all types of cleaners and I was determined to clean the house from top to bottom.

Well, I didn't get as much done as I expected. It seems that my beagle, Libby, has fallen in love with the new doggie next door. Casey is a 5-month-old honey-colored cocker spaniel, and he is so cute.

I think that Libby thought so, too, because Libby kept trying to find a way under the fence. She was so determined that she dug under until she got in the yard.

She then proceeded to go to his door and sit and wait until he came out to play.

Now this is fine for the first time or two, but Libby kept going under the fence all day long. I spent more time retrieving her from the neighbor's yard than I did with my spring cleaning.

That got to be pretty frustrating.

Since Casey is young yet and is still learning new tricks, I did not want him learning about digging under fences.

My neighbor was very understanding about all this. In fact, we had a few laughs about this infatuation.

We will try to remedy the fence situation and we will all be happier.

Computer fraud

My neighbor Pamela Furubotten received an e-mail from Chase Manhattan Bank concerning her account, and that she was to connect to another link to get more information regarding her account. This is a fraudulent site.

Pam called Chase Bank and was told that it was not their site and that they do not do business in that manner.

They would send a letter to their customers in the regular mail. Pam printed out the e-mail and at the very bottom of the e-mail, it said Chase Manhattan. That should be the signal that it is not a viable site. The bank no longer is called Chase Manhattan. It is J.P. Morgan Chase. If you receive an e-mail from Chase, do not open the link. Delete it immediately.

Rancho Tonto

Brenda Slapnicka, owner of the Rancho Tonto Catch a Trout on Tonto Creek, told me that they are now open for business for the summer. The days of operation are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., until Memorial Day weekend. Then they will be open seven days a week. Brenda and Randy have made Rancho Tonto a beautiful place to spend some time fishing for large trout or to have a picnic. Check it out. You will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty and serenity of Rancho Tonto.

Tonto Village Fire Board

Chief Alliger, Steve Low, Phon Sutton, and Michelle Montblue have recently completed the Wild Land refresher course.

The monthly Fire Board meetings have been changed until further notice.

The May meeting will be at 6 p.m. May 10 at the fire station. Mark your calendar with this change.

The Tonto Village Fireflies auxiliary will hold their monthly meeting on May 2, at 3 p.m. at the Tonto Village Chapel.

There are only two items on the agenda this month. Discussion will be on the Memorial Day Breakfast that will be held on May 27, and the continuing work on by-laws for the organization.

Be sure to attend. We need volunteers, both male and female.

Pool Games

The Double D Gals got skunked this past Tuesday evening at the Double D by the gals from Christopher Creek. Judy Tolle, Nanci Olson, and Patty Boeschling shot for the three top spots.

The Tonto Village gals will need to practice a lot more to take back the trophy. Chalk up those cue sticks, girls.

Since this past Sunday was Easter Day. There was no tournament. Pool playing will resume this coming Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.

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