Watching This Election From Afar, We Don't Miss Payson



My family and I were citizens of Payson and surrounds. For 14 years, Payson was a rural enjoyment. I met life-long friends, began to realize the wonderful caring and neighborliness of what a Western town should be.

In Star Valley, my wife and I enjoyed fine neighbors including a real estate developer (Steve Iverson) who is building fine homes for middle-financed families, and a community that cares to take care of its citizens. Community meetings are open and a forum for all voices to be heard and considered. My wife and I have moved to a more rural Arizona. Already, our small voices are being heard and received with positive action. Besides the strong friends we have in the Payson area, and receiving the Roundup, we don't miss today's sub-urban Payson.

Barbara Brewer's full-page ad in the recent Roundup reminded me of a poor swimmer's last attempt at saving her own life. A not-too-experienced, water-over-the-head splasher often takes one last huge inhale only to experience too much muddy water and not enough good clean air to survive.

Ms. Brewer claims success with a few pet projects during her reign as mayor. She omitted her efforts in supporting the singular self-interests of one particular cramped-neighborhood developer. Her advertisement tried some "I wills" that could have been already in-place successes if championed by a hardworking mayor.

Instead, her now open door was shut to the Payson people as she led the council through its closed door, autocratic, executive sessions. Behind initial secrecy and structured constraints upon citizens, she and the council declared a big dollars gift to a privileged few to help them sell or sneak out-of-town water. Sub-acceptable streets remain, overcrowding of new neighborhoods are among her favorite "progress" attempts.

Some claimed successes have been in the works -- championed by concerned other citizens and other agencies. I think "I will" is a last, quick paint job on Ms. Brewer's old worn platform planks. Truly others' open doors to the citizens will benefit Payson in a progress-filled, meaningful way. Self-service and pet projects do not build a much-needed "get it done" platform for Payson.

Will (and Ruth) Eldridge, Clay Springs

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